WPdeposit 1.10.1 – WordPress Plugin

    [*]Name :WPdeposit – WordPress Plugin
    [*]Version : 1.10.1
    [*]OS : Linux
    [*]Type : eCommerce, Standalone
    [*]Price : 22
    [*]Homepage : SalePage

The WPdeposit plugin free will help you run a monetary system on your wordpress website. It allows your users to deposit money on their account and spend them out on advertisement, subscription and other . It is pretty similar to the way envato marketplace members deposit money and buy items. The plugin will also provide tools to send money from a user account to another or admin options to edit deposits of a specific user.

While the WPdeposit plugin mainly focus on the crediting/debiting of the user account through multiple payment gateways and allows you to control the deposits of your user, it is the add-ons (advertisement, subscription, shop, . add-on, see our portfolio page) that will allow your users to spend out the money they deposited on their account.


    [*]A deposit system of course
    [*]A complete administration panel to setup the deposit plugin.
    [*]Deposit history
    [*]Test mode option
    [*]Widget and shortcode that shows the balance of the user
    [*]Full developer guide to create your own module

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