WP IMDB Automator 7.0 – WordPress Plugin

    [*]Name :WP IMDB Automator – WordPress Plugin
    [*]Version : 7.0
    [*]OS : Linux
    [*]Type : add-ons
    [*]Price : 19
    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Free WP IMDB automator is a WordPress plugin designed for the WordPress platform which 100% automates the process of running a media specific blog. If you ever wanted a movie blog which features content for latest movies, short films, TV Shows this is your chance to have it.


    [*]Import more than 1 million movies from IMDB.
    [*]Blog Posting Schedule
    [*]Import Movie Poster
    [*]Import Movie Plot
    [*]Import Director Name
    [*]Import Release Data
    [*]Import Run Time
    [*]Import Country
    [*]Import Genre
    [*]Import Tagline
    [*]Import Trivia
    [*]Import Goofs
    [*]Save title as Title or Title (Year) for SEO as your choice
    [*]Youtube HD Trailers Automatically Posted
    [*]Import reviews
    [*]Post reviews on every post using IMDB comments
    [*]Automatically post reviews using Multiple Users
    [*]Automatically Schedule or Post immediately
    [*]Save titles as Tags for SEO of website
    [*]Automatically locally saved Posters

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