Reviews 3.4 – Products And Services Review WP Theme

    [*]Name :Reviews – Products And Services Review WP Theme
    [*]Version : 3.4
    [*]OS : Linux
    [*]Type : Corporate, Directory & Listings
    [*]Price : 49
    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Free Reviews WordPress Theme is complete system for reviewing products and services so user can have feedback about product / service they wish to purchase. You are able to create as many reviews as you want and to do make grades for as many criteria as you like. Once you publish the reviews users are able to give they feedback separately and to rate product / service by the same criteria you have used. Theme stores reviews separately of the user and author.


    [*]Author review
    [*]Guest review
    [*]Register Terms & Conditions
    [*]Unlimited grades
    [*]Call To Action external link
    [*]List of stores where to buy
    [*]Unlimited content tabs
    [*]User ratings
    [*]Counting visits to reviews
    [*]Slug rewrites
    [*]Mega Menu
    [*]One click demo install
    [*]Two types of boxes
    [*]Criteria per category
    [*]Change user ratings

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