Responsive Scrolling Notification WordPress Plugin 1.2.3

    [*]Name :Responsive Scrolling Notification WordPress Plugin
    [*]Version : 1.2.3
    [*]OS : Linux
    [*]Type : Utilities
    [*]Price : 12
    [*]Homepage : SalePage

This plugin help you to add a global Notification box to your WordPress while user scrolling the page, the notification support HTML and WordPress shortcode. So you can put any content in it, like a Youtube video, embedded Tweets or a Image Map HotSpot.


    [*]Display globally or specify it only display in a certain post or page.
    [*]Easy to install and setup with WordPress. Compatible with latest jQuery(1.10.x) and latest WordPress.
    [*]You can add/edit the Notification without touching the code. Customize/update the image and text with WordPress backend. Live preview available in the backend.
    [*]Notification support any kind of content, for example you can put a Youtube video or a Image Map HostPot in it.
    [*]Color picker for updating color easily.
    [*]CSS3 transition support, fade only on the older browser, like IE8, you can select the animation easily in the backend.
    [*]Optional autohide by delay.

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