[*]Name : BackupBuddy – WordPress Backup Plugin
    [*]Version :
    [*]Type : Backup Plugin
    [*]Price : $297
    [*]Homepage :

The best way to back up (and move) a WordPress site.
Site owners and developers love all the options BackupBuddy gives you for safe, offsite storage.


    [*] Database or Full Backups : Run database backups for quick, small, frequent backups or run complete backups to get all your images, themes, plugins and everything else to a safe place.
    [*] Offsite Storage : Send your backups (individually or on a schedule) to offsite storage destinations like BackupBuddy Stash (our custom backup storage location), Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email. If your site goes down, you don’t want your backup stored on that same server.
    [*] Schedule Backups : Schedule backups so you don’t need to remember to make backups every day, week or month. You can also set the schedule to send your backups to any of your offsite storage destinations automatically.
    [*] BackupBuddy Stash Storage : We built BackupBuddy Stash specifically for storing and managing your BackupBuddy backups so you can manage backups for all of your sites in one central location. BackupBuddy users get 1GB of Stash storage for free!
    [*] Exclude Files & Tables : Choose which files (or tables) to exclude from your backups. This is helpful if you have a folder with lots of high-res images or videos that you don’t want to back up every time.
    [*] Backup Profiles : Create custom backup profiles for backups to use their own settings and file exclusions.
    [*] Email Notifications: Know immediately when BackupBuddy finishes a backup, times out or needs attention.
    [*] Backup Storage Limits: Limit the number and size of your stored backups. So you don’t fill up your Dropbox account with 34 old backups.
    [*] Individual File Restore: You don’t have to wipe the whole slate clean to just replace your stylesheet from a a backup you made a few weeks ago.
    [*] Server Tools: Take a deep look at your server settings and capabilities. Our built-in server tools are super helpful to track down possible hosting problems that could prevent your backups from running.
    [*] Malware Scan: BackupBuddy does a free malware scan of your site to make sure your site and your online reputation are squeaky clean with all the major blacklist checks.
    [*] Interactive Site Directory Map: Visualize what takes up the most space on your site. It’s really cool to dig through and view your files this way.
    [*] Database Mass Text Replacement: Update text throughout your database. Great for updating URLs, strings of text, replacing any mention of your ex’s name, etc.
    [*] Database Scan & Repair: Automatically scans and repairs common issues with your database.
    [*] WordPress Cron Manager: View, delete, or manually run WordPress scheduled CRON jobs.

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