Woocommerce Variations to Table – Grid 1.3.5

    [*]Name :Woocommerce Variations to Table – Grid
    [*]Version : 1.3.5
    [*]OS : Linux
    [*]Type : eCommerce, WooCommerce
    [*]Price : 19
    [*]Homepage : SalePage

This WordPress – WooCommerce plugin will turn product’s page default variations select-option menus to user friendly table – grid display. It features a self-explanatory with plenty of options admin settings panel, great documentation and support and per product options.


    [*]User friendly and self-explanatory administration panel.
    [*]Displays all the needed data for your variable products with options to disable them.
    [*]Supports “any” when you set your product variations
    [*]Supports “custom attributes” that you may add to the products on the fly
    [*]”Add Selected to Cart” with select all checkbox for mass adding variations to cart
    [*]Option to disable or enable the table/grid per product.
    [*]In Stock, Out of Stock and Low Stock (with threshold) custom messages
    [*]Easy to use shortcode with full documentation to help you put the table where ever you need and shortcodes are executed.
    [*]Easy to use global shortcode that will display all variations of all variable products on any page.
    [*]Extensible / developer friendly. You can alter the plugin without hacking it, but via WordPress filters and actions.
    [*]Make variations stand out with your custom sticker/icon. You can enable/disable or override it per variation.
    [*]Supports YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
    [*]Supports WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap
    [*]AJAX can be enabled from settings
    [*]Sorting of table columns in the frontend
    [*]Option to enable Responsive layout via the Footable jQuery plugin
    [*]Default table header (auto generated), generic custom table header and per product custom table header can be set
    [*]Easily translatable via .po / .mo files.
    [*]Available translations: English, Greek, Français, Italiano.

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